Greetings and salutations

I write to you from an incompassible mountain of words. Vistas of verissimilitude. Rivers of .. um, riverishness.

Well, OK, actually it's just my office. But the mountain of words is here, if you look at the overflow from the shelves behind me. No, really, there are shelves in there.
Short version: I read. I review. I recommend or rant and hopefully I get something out to other folks, mountain-less or not. **I'm tinkering around with the review composition, so give me your two cents on which setup you like best.

Warning: I've become rather OCD about blogging, so you may see things hopping back and forth a bit - I'll be surprised if this greeting page is the same two hours from now - but I give you my word (ha, see what I did there?) that I will use all the education and random knowledge I have to bring you solid reviews or extremely rabid rants.

Stay tuned while I turn this motha out.


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