Mapping Cherie Priest's Chattanooga: the Eden Moore trilogy

After reading Cherie's most recent work, Boneshaker, I was completely caught up in the north Pacific coast.

So I picked up her first book about Eden Moore and was completely blindsided that it was set in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  (Ha, I hear my friend Joe groaning.)


Project 17

Old-schoolers like me may recognize the author Joan Lowery Nixon, who wrote YA back in the day (80's, for all you youngsters). One of the few books I read as a kid that scared me mindless



I have long resisted reading steampunk.  Possibly because I'm not very mechanically-minded and all the cogs and steam made me nervous. Maybe because I have a fear of goggles and seeing the extra layers and straps in the costumes made me feel fat.