Every time I try to write this damn review, it just goes haywire.  I don't want to prattle and wind.  I want you to know this book is the best thing King's written since the denoument of The Dark Tower in '04.  I want you to know I walked around feeling like someone directly tapped into my head and found what I didn't realize I wanted so badly:  a chance to see what things were like long before I ever got here, to see my grandmother dance or our town before it was filled with crappy antique shops.  I want so much to visit a time when the internet wasn't being used as a replacement for the library and phones were used as *phones* and not gadgets to avoid actually connecting with people.  I think a lot of other folks would feel the same way (though I may be younger than many of them).  I don't think I'd take on the task of preventing assassinations, but then, I like to keep things simple and avoid bulletholes.