John Dies @ The End - the title with the cool "at" sign - by David Wong

Thank you to my friend Jolie for mentioning this book with the cryptic warning "weeeiirrrrd stuff, that one."  That got me motoring to the library and I've never regretted it.  I haven't read anything this funny since my serendipitous meeting with Christopher Moore's You Suck: A Love Story a few years ago.
The narrator is also named David Wong (startling nom de plume, I know). He works at a video rental joint and has somehow developed a friendship with John, who is literally the craziest bastard I have ever read about.  Seriously, the stuff that happens doesn't even faze him.  I never saw anyone else kill a monster made out of meat slabs while yelling really bad puns.

I was terrified and laughing my ass off at the exact same things. Case in point, one freaky thing is described as wearing a blonde wig and is thereafter referred to as a wig monster. Jaws, teeth, wings, talons... and, we can only assume, a desire to star in Some Like It Hot.

JD@E has some truly unexpected gems - "Molly's furry ass rolled across my face" was my favorite - and the creepy factor does not go down a notch. Pee from terror, pee from laughter, it's all warm.

For the record, Molly is a dog. Don't look at me like that.  If your car rolled over and your dog fell on you, I'm pretty sure its furry *something* could roll across your face. Yeah, that's a visual. You're welcome.

Gave this one an A, as in "and you're going to release a sequel when?"   I also discovered that the writer has a serious stash over here at Cracked.  I linked up everybody on FB already with the one that killed me.

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